Meet Zing & Sparky


He’s smart, kind and funny. He leaves no friend behind. He’s earned his golden wings as a Master of Light and can always find a solution to the trickiest problems. He goes hand in hand with Sparky, as one cannot exist without the other. He exemplifies goodness and light in the world. Zing’s wand has magical powers that can only be turned on by Zing, Sparky and the energy of Holiday spirit (the festival goers). All three need to be present for the wand to work. Zing is the friend that everybody needs and a giver of light, love, and joy.

Is full of energy- He literally is a circuit of energy. He communicates the only way he knows how; with short, funny, quirky, emotive bursts of “circuit-like” sounds that are translated by Zing. Even though Sparky speaks a language many have never heard before, his intentions are always understood through the emotion in his voice, his incredible physical communication, and the simple endearing ways he shows everyone what he feels and thinks. Sparky is an enigma; shy yet bold, brave yet timid, predictable yet surprising. He is light and energy personified. He wears a golden sash that he has earned by shedding light, laughter, and silliness in the world as a master of “Positive Energy”. Oh, and he LOVES candy. So much, that when he gets near it, lights start to flicker. Every time he eats candy it “re-charges” him and sends a bolt of energy and light throughout him and all of his surroundings. He is quick tempered but doesn’t stay in one emotion for too long: just like a light switch.

Zing and Sparky have their very own storybook! You can download and read it by clicking below!